Bring a Statement Piece to the Party

After much anticipation we present R1 by rerak, the first & only party table made to be 100% biodegrdable Aside from being a modern unique design, our approach to material choice makes it so that this is the only party table that can return back into the earth after use. (how cool is that?!). We are proud to be launching but will be limited to only 1,000 units. Be one of the first to own the R1 this summer.


Why Cardboard?

The R1 is made out of premium cardboard because it's 5X lighter, and more convenient than a traditional table because of it's flat pack design. Take it Anywhere & recycle it anytime. Here are some of other awesome features that make it perfect for the modern weekend warrior in us all.


Care Instructions

Our Table is made to last you atleast x3 uses, however with proper care it can last you longer. We suggest you keep weight limit in mind. It is rated @ 45lbs when a typical game of Beerpong weighs less than 15lbs. The tops being water resistant lets you simply wipe off excess spills. The cardbpoard material being used is some of the best on the planet but it does have limitations so we ask that you please use responsibly and check out our videos to see the table in action.


We invite you to celebrate your individualism with 5 color options ranging from classic white, black, maroon, blue and ofcourse rose gold.

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We aim to produce the most convenient and sustainable table on earth for your favorite games, that involve drinks ;) Please support the movement and help us reach our minimums with manufacturing so we can make this project a reality. We think youll love the R1, guaranteed or your money back.


We appreciate any type of support but the most direct way to ensure this project reaches its goal is by:

• Being an early adopter of the R1 or purchasing any of our merchandise.

• Word of mouth is strong, let your friends know so the R1 is at the next party!

• Sharing one of our premade posts for your social. Check them out here.

• If you're feeling creative, please feel free to remix any of our assets here. We will be sure to post them.